This week: protein and aging, pregnancy and weight gain, an easy way to plan meals, osteoporosis prevention, and more

Are you over 60? Female? New research suggests that you may be falling short on protein–and aging more quickly as a result. Please see this week’s podcast for breaking news on protein and aging.

Pregnant or planing to become pregnant? Gaining either too much or too little weight puts you and your baby at risk. Unfortunately, there are some disturbing trends at both ends of the spectrum. Last week’s podcast has more details on how much you should gain and how many calories you need during pregnancy.

From the mail bag: one reader wonders whether some amount of cholesterol is necessary for optimal health.  Another wrote to fact-check her friend’s assertion that honey is just as “evil” as table sugar.  My answer here.

Discovery of the week:  a meal planning and recipe service that is the answer many of you have been looking for.

And finally, in observation of Osteoporosis Month, I’m re-surfacing some of my most popular (and/or controversial) posts on the topic, including:

Diet for Healthy Bones
Is Milk Bad For Your Bones?
Tips for Improving Calcium Absorption
Dangers of High Dose Calcium Supplements

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