This week: soil based probiotics, the full-fat paradox, and butter alternatives from around the world

Should you be eating more dirt?Probiotics are having a good year, thanks to an explosion of research on the relationship between the friendly bacteria that (we hope) hang out in our digestive tract and good health. And now, some are promoting the benefits of bacteria that come from the soil. Yup, we’re eating dirt now, folks.  At your request, I take a look at the pros and cons, benefits, and safety concerns associated with soil-based probiotic supplements in this week’s podcast.

Last week’s show explored the s0-called full fat paradox: New research suggests that drinking low-fat or skim milk may increase your risk of obesity. What’s with that?! My thoughts here.

As long as we’re on the subject of butterfat, here’s a quick review of the Olivio bread spreads and a Q&A about ghee, a type of clarified butter native to India.

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