This week: how safe is farmed fish, dangers of K cups, phytic acid, natto, and more


Aquaculture (aka fish farming) is the fastest growing segment of the agricultural industry. At the same time, global demand continues to threaten worldwide fish populations. This week’s podcast reviews the latest recommendations on farmed vs. wild-caught fish.

Here’s an update on the ever popular topic of soaking grains to reduce phytic acid. Soaking oats in yogurt may not be a good idea after all.

From the Try Something New Today department, here’s an introduction to natto, a traditional Japanese food being touted in the west as a natural way to strengthen bones. It may not be love at first sight (or smell), however.

There’s new concerns about those popular K cup coffee machines. Could these little plastic pods cause cancer? Hard to say, but they’re definitely a nightmare for the landfills.

In other news, Huffington Post picked up my recent article on the Yoga Mat Subway Scandal, eliciting a predictable and entertaining avalanche of comments.

Please forgive my brevity this week. I’m recovering from a short but intense stomach bug. Fortunately, I don’t seem to get these things very often but for those who do, here’s one from the archives on how to reduce your risk.


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