This week: help for digestive distress, lutein for eyes, whole wheat vs. spelt, and avocado to the rescue!

Avocados for Healthy Weight Gain

Although it wasn’t a planned theme, the last two Nutrition Diva podcasts focus, at least in part, on the medical profession. This episode on whether you should take lutein supplements to protect your eyes also takes a look at the ethics of doctors selling supplements to patients. The following week’s show is about how patients, doctors, and nutritionists need to work together to address complex health problems (with some additional info on diverticular disease, IBS, and GERD).

From the mailbag this week, advice for those who find that eating healthy has unpleasant side effects (“Help! My healthy diet gives me gas”), and a request for a nutritional comparison of whole wheat and spelt.  And from the “news you can use” category, a new study finds that adding avocado to your lunch can banish afternoon snack attacks.

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