This Week: probiotics, fertility, sugar addiction and the finer points of FODMAPs

Happy December!  Can nutrition help you get pregnant?This week’s podcast was the first in a two-part series on fertility, focusing on how nutrition affects fertility in women. Next week, I’ll have some tips for you fathers-to-be!

An informal survey tells me that most of you are firmly convinced (from personal experience) that sugar has addictive qualities. Researchers are still debating the question, however. Read more in my article “Sugar and the Science of Addiction,”  from this month’s Food and Nutrition Magazine.

A recent podcast on the low FODMAP diet (a new dietary approach that is working miracles for IBS sufferers) triggered lots of mail, including a couple of some great follow-up questions.  For example: Why is tofu allowed but soybeans aren’t?  How about low-FODMAP foods that also lower cholesterol?

And, while we’re at it, here’s last week’s podcast on  phytosterols, a plant-based nutrient that can help lower cholesterol.

Probiotics have been another hot topic lately, including when to take them and how to store them. Here’s another tidbit on what foods to eat with your probiotics in order to maximize their benefits.

Lastly, here’s an article on the importance of vitamin D for healthy aging.

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