This week: non-celiac gluten sensitivity, activated charcoal, decaf disappointment, and nutritious baking tips

Coffee in Coffee CupHowdy!

This week’s (e)mailbag contained a thoughtful question from a listener who has heard me talk about the dangers of grilled foods and wonders how that squares with the claims made for activated charcoal. My answer here.  Another reader wonders whether it’s safe to take yogurt for lunch even if it will be unrefrigerated for several hours.  (Short answer: Yes.  Find out why here.)

Yet another follower sent me on a quest for the truth about Starbuck’s decaffeinating methods–something that I’ve never wondered about because, frankly, I’m usually drinking coffee for the caffeine!

This week’s podcast explores some interesting new findings on non-Celiac gluten sensitivity. What if it’s actually not about the gluten at all?

And finally, as we head into the holiday baking season, here are some smart substitutions that can make your baked goods a bit more nutritious.

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