This week: low carb for running, high fat for weight loss, and how to undo a high sodium diet

Some people are always looking for a loophole…like this reader who wondered whether he could undo the effects of a high-sodium diet by drinking extra water.  I’m afraid that strategy won’t get you too far. But I do have another strategy that could get you further. You can read about it here.

I’ve been “tweeting” nutrition news and notes for almost five years now but this recent tweet broke all previous records for “re-tweets.”  (Click here to see what the fuss was about!)

Along the same lines, this reader question about low-carb diets for endurance atheletes sparked a lot of discussion, both within the Paleo community as well as among the long-distance running crowd.

Another reader wonders whether it’s possible to get too much vitamin A from vegetables. And finally, from the “Weird Facts” file: Turns out that hikers are savvier about nutrition marketing claims.

Coming soon: My response to the recent findings on carnitine in red meat!

4 thoughts on “This week: low carb for running, high fat for weight loss, and how to undo a high sodium diet

  1. I have never heard of the increased potassium to help offset the sodium as far as risk is concerned. That is very interesting. It is difficult sometimes to greatly decrease sodium intake. My mother is really watching hers and struggles with it so much. I’ll have to point her to this article.

  2. Nice articles on sodium and carbs. Potassium as a counterbalance to sodium is a new one for me. But the fact that high potassium foods are mainly unprocessed natural foods is a good enough reason to consume more potassium by itself. My question is, what about sugar? It’s unrealistic to avoid sugar altogether, but I need to do something about succumbing to sugar cravings too. Any similar counterbalancing solutions for sugar?

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