This week, carnitine in meat, fizzy veggies, best protein powders, a new weight loss challenge, and more

does red meat cause heart disease?Researchers made a fascinating discovery this month about diet and heart disease–and we all learned a new word: Carnitine.  Unfortunately, there was the usual rush to translate complex research into a 30-second eat-this-not-that sound-byte for the evening news.  Now that the dust has settled–and we’ve turned our attention to over-simplifying this week’s research findings–here’s my take on the significance of carnitine and red meat.

From the mailbag, a reader wonders what caused her veggies to become carbonated. (If you’re thinking lactic acid, you’re on the right track!) Another wants to know if there’s any such thing as a wholesome processed food. (Absolutely!) Here, also, is a round-up of what to look for when selecting a protein powder.

On Newstands now: Subscribers to Oxygen Magazine can check out my article on Eating Seasonally in the May Issue. Readers of Baltimore Style will find the first of a new monthly column I’ll be writing for that magazine in the May/June issue.

Second DietBet Game Announced: After a recent podcast on the pros and cons of social dieting and diet wagers, the popular DietBet website hosted a game just for Nutrition Diva fans. I wasn’t actively involved in the game but apparently it was a huge success. By request, they’ve set up another one beginning May 1st. Click here to learn more.

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4 thoughts on “This week, carnitine in meat, fizzy veggies, best protein powders, a new weight loss challenge, and more

  1. Great article on carnitine. I’ve long read that red meat contains cartinine, but I had absolutely no idea tempeh has it. I wonder if protein powder contains it too? I consume soy protein quite regularly and judging from your other article on protein powders, perhaps I should consider switching to whey

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