This week: fitness vs. fatness, food addiction, healthy entertaining tips and much more.

It’s become rather fashionable  lately to bash the BMI (body mass index) as a meaningless metric–and certainly, the number on the scale doesn’t tell the whole story.  If you’re technically “overweight” but can still pass my four-point health assessment, you may be just fine the way you are. And by the same token, if your BMI is considered “healthy” but you can’t pass my assessment, you’ve got some additional work to do.

We had some great online discussions this week!  Click here to chime in on the topic of food “addiction” and the best way to fight cravings.   Here’s another great thread on promoting scientific literacy along with healthy eating habits, and one more on the best  recipe websites.

Continuing with last week’s Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Gas theme, we have another reader Q and A, in which I offer an easy (and only slightly gross) way to determine your “transit time.

My hometown is still recovering from it’s collective hangover in the wake of the Baltimore Raven’s Superbowl victory on Sunday.  If you missed my post on throwing a healthier Superbowl party, these healthy entertaining tips will work just as well for your Oscar party.

Finally, Ben Greenfield tells me there’s still some spots left at next month’s conference. If you live in the Pacific Northwest (or have a hankering to visit), Ben has assembled an unbelievable roster of speakers that I’ll be honored to share the stage with.

Join me on March 8-9 in Spokane, WA


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