This week: MCTs and weight loss, nightshades, bottled water, and a bonus track!

Tricks to get your kids to eat more vegetablesThe 200th episode of the Nutrition Diva podcast was released this month. I took the opportunity to reflect back on some of the hot topics and controversies that I’ve covered over the last four years.  Although the podcast is not intended to focus on weight loss, the topic comes up frequently…in particular, fact-checking the never-ending stream of diet fads and fictions.   In the Nutrition Diva newsletter, for example, a reader wants to know  whether cold drinks slow weight loss, as “someone” once told her.  I also dedicated an episode to medium-chain triglycerides (or, MCTs) and their potential as a weight loss aid.

But there’s still lots to talk about besides weight loss. For example, whether it’s safe to drink bottled water that’s past its expiration date.  Or, how to know whether “nightshade vegetables” are causing your joint pain.  Or, how the latest behavioral research can help improve your family’s eating habits.

Finally, for those who like a little “diva” with their “nutrition,” here’s a little clip from a concert I did this summer in North Carolina, with the incomparable Amy Klosterman on piano.

2 thoughts on “This week: MCTs and weight loss, nightshades, bottled water, and a bonus track!

  1. Wow, what a voice! Very polished, yet certainly distinctive. And a magnificent rendition of “Funny Valentine”, an unexpected, but perfect choice (and much less intimidating to us opera-ignorami than something in Italian or German).
    Now you’ve really spoiled us and we’ll be expecting our Q&D podcasts to be in verse and accompanied by piano 🙂
    Can’t wait for an album. Thanks ND!

  2. I’ve enjoyed and learned a lot from your nutrition postings and books, Monica. It was, however, more than delightful to hear you sing! Thanks so much for posting that vocal piece. And you’re right about your accompanist. She’s great. You two understand each other very well musically.
    Like Jim, I’m on the lookout for an album.

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