This week: alkalizing foods and reflux, soluble fiber and belly fat, and more

Moving Average
Example of a daily weight chart using a moving average

As usual, great questions from readers were the source of inspiration for this week’s posts.  In this week’s Nutrition Diva podcast, I (along with special guest The Math Dude) explain how using a moving average can smooth out the daily ups and downs and reveal your “true” weight–and which way it’s trending. The episode includes a downloadable moving average calculator!

Another reader drew my attention to a study on soluble fiber and abdominal fat that’s gotten a lot of play in the blogosphere. Unfortunately,  most of the people writing about it misunderstood the results.  In the Quick and Dirty blog, I explain what the study actually found and how to put it into play.

A third reader wrote looking for guidance on how to use “alkalizing” foods to cure acid reflux disease. The timing of her email couldn’t have been better. I had just returned from a corporate wellness event where an RN was handing out pH testing strips and–to my horror–perpetuating all kinds of myths and misunderstandings about diet, pH, and  health.  It wouldn’t have been appropriate to start a debate in that setting but it was eating me up!  This reader’s question gave me the perfect opportunity to set the record straight on several falsehoods about acid reflux disease and alkalizing foods.  If you missed  this week’s Nutrition Diva newsletter, you can read my response here.

Finally, on the What’s Cooking blog, I have a quick tip, based on recent research, that can help you eat a bit less without giving up your favorite foods.

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