This week: macrobiotics, fat-burning foods, and a wheat grass controversy

Every few months, a new fad diet or two makes the rounds.  But this week, I took a closer look at a couple of diets that have been around for ages–and don’t seem to have lost their appeal.  In the Nutrition Diva podcast, I discuss the pros and cons of the macrobiotic diet philosophy, viewed through the lens of Western nutrition science. This week’s Nutrition Diva newsletter talks about macrobiotic diets and cancer.   Over on the What’s Cooking Blog, I review a new study on the tried-but-apparently-not-so-true grapefruit diet. Although it’s no miracle fat-burner, grapefruit is still nutritious. See the post for some creative ways to work it into your menus. Finally, on the Quick and Dirty Tips Blog, I try to shed some light on the controversy over whether wheat grass is really gluten-free.

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