This week: sugar in schools, talking turkey, and weight loss tips

It's time to wean our schools from their addiction to sugar-based fund-raisers

As the school year draws to a close, I tackle one of the great pillars of school fund-raising in this week’s Nutrition Diva podcast.  With one out of three of our school kids now over-weight, the time has come to wean our school from their addiction to candy and bake sales as a way to raise money.  And when it comes time to pack the kids (or your) lunch, you might be interested in this Q&A on packaged vs. fresh deli meats from this week’s Nutrition Diva newsletter.

This week also included lots of tips and guidance for those trying to watch their weight.  On the Quick and Dirty Blog, you’ll find my take on raspberry ketones, the latest weight loss-in-a-bottle scheme.  I also talked with CBS News about calorie cycling and with XETV in San Diego  about the role of fats in a healthy diet.

2 thoughts on “This week: sugar in schools, talking turkey, and weight loss tips

  1. What’s your opinion of Girl Scout cookies? I’m liking the organization for my kiddo, but I’m not liking the choice of fundraising. As someone who feels strongly about good nutrition, what would you do?

    1. That’s a tough one. Girl Scouts and cookies–hard to imagine one without the other. If you like what your daughter gets out of the organization otherwise, it may be worth taking the bitter with the sweet. (Or in this case, the sugar with the scouts). Personally, I am powerless in the face of Thin Mints. I allow myself to purchase one (but only one) box a year from my favorite scout.

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